Installation is easy. Simply download the theme here and run bundle exec jekyll serve inside the directory.

However, before going live, set the following variables in _config.yml

  1. url : This is the base url of your website. If you are hosting on GitHub, it should be set to for example.
  2. baseurl : This is the subpath of your site. If you are hosting on GitHub, in a repository named Blog, then it should be set to /blog.
  3. tracking_id : Set this to your google analytics tracking id.

Change other variables under User Settings in _config.yml as you see fit.

Note: Don’t change any variable under Build Settings.


  • To change the font for the heading, change the heading_font variable in _config.yml

  • To create a new post, simply save the .markdown file in the _posts directory in the format.

  • For Syntax highlighting, Chaplin uses Rouge which is the default highlighter in Jekyll 3 and above. If you don’t know how to highlight a code block, refer.

  • To set up Google Analytics tracking id, just set the tracking_id variable in _config.yml. You also need to set google_analytics to true

  • To use Disqus for Comments, copy the universal code from disqus’ website, and copy it in _includes/disqus.html.


MIT. Copyright (c) Ankit Sultana